Coding Passion!!!

Simple as that! Its not just a work its my Dream Job. Every project is a huge opportunity to hit my keyboard. I am a solutionist and strong believer that everything is possible throught coding

I like taking challenges from small tasks that can be done in a few hours to big projects that require patience , persistence and time.

Plain Words  that describe me

  • Persistent
  • methodical
  • Creative
  • Quick  Learner
  • Devoted
  • Honest
  • Humorist


And many more actually. In short I like to have a positive attitude  for both  life and  work so its easier for me to accomplish my goals.


Technologies I mostly use!

Over the time I have tested and used different programming languages frameworks etc.

But here I ll mention only the ones that I am comfortable with at the time being.

Well Coding Comes First
  • RubyPHPSQL (In a different sense but still a language right?) WL (WinDev)HTML/CSS (not actually programming language but .. you know what i mean)

Then its Databases ..
  • MysqlMS Sql ServerHyperfile SQL

Last but not least CMS and E-commerce Platforms
  • WordPress JoomlaOpencartMagento

Favourite IDE /Editor???

Thats a really difficult question. Because it doesnt have a proper answer…. It depends on the language I am writting mostly. If I have to mention some those would be

  • SubLime Text and Notepad++ For Editor
  • Aptana and Eclipse For IDE.
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